Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indian Rock

Indian Rock

Over the winter an interesting antique postcard surfaced revealing a view from "Indian Rock" in Dalton, central Berkshires. Although the image did not show the rock itself, I did not let that discourage me from searching out the location of this heretofore unknown (to me - anyways) site.

Using a former Appalachian Trail access, I worked my way into the area that would possibly line up the view seen in the postcard. It did not take very long to come upon a large glacial boulder with a nearly smooth, level surface. Certainly would make for a good meeting site. And - another source had mention a "Meeting Rock" in the general vicinity, that also having a Native American background.

Reconnaissance of the area both before - and after - the photo session, revealed nothing more than that several token, small erratics. Nothing on the order of what I assume to be Indian Rock.

On the hike back, I scouted the old AT route but it has all been obliterated in recent years. But down near the Housatonic River, I discovered an old dam site that had been breached in the attempt to return the mighty river to its more natural state.