Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ocean

Cave formation - Newport vicinity

Five days out on the road evenly split between the Newport, Rhode Island area and Cape Ann. This was intended to be primarily a seafaring adventure, but problems, both moderate and severe, beached me early on. So some of the time in the Newport area was spent trying to resolve those issues (unable) and the rest - more like a normal tourist.

But before problems sent me to shore, I was able to explore the area of Purgatory, revisiting Negro Head, the adjacent Lovers Pass, some small cave formations, and finally entering the interior of Purgatory itself. Some of the aforementioned problems were temporarily resolved to allow me to investigate a reported cave site on the east side of the Sakonnet River. Shoreline visits were also made to the vicinity of Profile Rock and Pirate Caves Also: a marvelous hike in the woods of Tiverton to High Rock while waiting for low tide on the Sakonnet River.

Before pulling out of Town on the third morning, I went off to old favorite in the 40 steps at the Cliff Walk. Photographed here were more historic sites that have surfaced in antique photography.

Dick's Dream overlooking the Atlantic

On into Cape Ann, camp was set up to prepare for an early morning call next morning. That call brought me back into examining old quarrying activity in Gloucester. Also being the site of the Chief Wingaersheek formation. Breakfast with an old friend charged me up to take on the Rockport shoreline. What ensued was six plus hours 'cooking' under the sun while slowly making my way up the rocky coastline visiting, and confirming, historic sites that included the Swimming/Bathing Place, with its marvelous Stone Bathtub, and Pulpit Rock. Along the way I once again got a gander at the sites visited - and passed - during April including Cathedral Rocks, Singers Rock, Chapin's Gully, finally ending by Dick's Dream. Spouting rocks abounded and a marvelous pegmatite deposit exists among these rocks. On the return, I was stunned to see the previously, nearly empty, Stone Bathtub completely submerged. Ah - the power of the mighty tides!

Fifth and final day brought intense heat. I weathered it for a short duration, returning to the Stone Bathtub for more photos and to examine it during its emptying phase. One final trek was made through the sun to visit the Halibut Point shoreline and a couple sea-boulder caves.