Sunday, December 8, 2013


Ah - reconnaissance. What can be said about the word that has lent so much to the world of caves and caving. Perhaps in a not so literal sense one could use the word as a search through history as well.

On one cold December day it took me out to a region near the base of the Taconics. And back in time as well, as around twenty five years have elapsed since my last 'reconnaissance' of this area. A cave was found here those many years ago by a couple caving associates and I was lucky enough to visit it with one of them. But the passing of time has brought a new generation of cavers along and one was interested in the site so out I went to try and relocate the cave.

Time has also changed the area significantly as large houses and large developments have encroached upon the old woodlands. A thorough search by myself failed to located the cave, and coordinates from the earlier era, may prove that it was covered - or destroyed - in the process of construction.

However, it has been found that coordinates from long ago are not always right on the mark so the cave may still be hiding out there. A second trip was planned soon after digesting all that came from the reconnaissance trip, but it seems winter may now delay things until spring once again returns.

For geo aficionados, it is an area laying in the C unit of Stockbridge Marble, which not far away, contains (at least partially) the renown Massachusetts cave Great Radium Springs. So although the cave that was sought is not significant in the speleological sense, it would be disappointing to lose. Either it's existence or location.

A resurgence in the Stockbridge Marble