Saturday, October 8, 2011

Essex County including Cape Ann: The Sequel

From the glacial moraines of Peabody, Old Man Peabody

October has traditionally been spent up Essex County way and this year was no different. Essentially, it was a continuation of the September visit, this time involving (not quite) four days.

The glacial moraines around Peabody were revisited for measurements on a giant sized erratic spotted there last September. Before leaving the area, a search was made for an erratic once know to local youths as Shoemaker Rock and another look at 'access' to Pirate's Glen. I also rambled through the old Saugus Iron Works with an eye towards learning of other mill sites along that river. One is depicted on an old postcard having a huge boulder nearby. But as I discovered, many mills once lined the mighty Saugus River. Swinging on up to Cape Ann, work was continued in the Pigeon Cove vicinity. Access was checked to one of the larger quarries, and a bit of tourism in downtown Rockport.

Second day was devoted to two Essex County towns where old leads on Cradle Rock and the Nubble Squid were worked in Groveland while Parker River access and Carsey's Rock were looked over in Newbury. Both town libraries were visited.

The old Bathing Place at Pigeon Cove

The third day started in northern Dogtown but soon swung up past one big old quarry finally reaching one of the mammoth Rockport quarries. In days past it was known as the Upper Pit of the Pigeon Hill Quarries but is now a major swimming hole for the local people. Another jaunt up the coastline to Pigeon Cove for more work, finally ending at Pigeon Hill itself with the Profile Rock and checking additional routes into the old quarries.

The fourth day was to be a hot one. So some pleasant, leisurely hiking was done at the Heap of Rocks and old Rattlesnake Dens before heading on home.