Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Essex County including Cape Ann

Giant erratic on the Peabody moraines

Five days out in Essex County became somewhat evenly split between rest - and recreation. The initial stops were in the Lynn-Peabody area where Goliath Rock was the first stop. Turned out to be nothing more than a pretty average rock outcrop. The area is also home to some pretty significant glacial moraines and I continue to make significant finds along these. Included are numerous 'perched' erratics, one gigantic boulder (which I'm quite sure will rank amongst Essex County's largest), and a couple old quarry sites. Before heading out to the Cape (Ann) I finished up checking into a boulder spotted on aerial imagery. It was a possibility for the old Wigwam Rock but doesn't seem to fit the old photos and description.

The view below the old Ocean View bathhouse at Pigeon Cove

The remaining four days saw two half days out on the Pigeon Cove shoreline continuing on with the identification of historic sites and photographs. Some kayaking was found on the Little and Annisquam Rivers. Red Rocks was hiked. A drive by was made on Sea Rocks the old Estate of Jacob Loose. A couple of the old Rockport quarries and another quick trip into Profile Rock rounded out the tour.

The Headlands at Rockport

Parts of this - and other recent vacations - have been spent laying the groundwork for future sea going investigations which will only grow with time.