Sunday, March 18, 2018

South of the Border

The term "Scenic Route" can mean more than a well-intentioned definition for a much longer journey. The Route 8 corridor from Massachusetts into Connecticut has provided many fine, scenic memories - and explorations - over the years. In recent years: Church Rock, Hanging Mountain, and two enormous boulders at Otis and Sandisfield. South of the Border: Schoolhouse Rock, Jumbo Rock, and an unsuccesful search for Pulpit Rock.

On one bitterly cold Sunday morn, I made my way down that highway for a "meeting of the minds" (or what I like to call a "Geeks Convention") to plow over maps, exchange ideas, and enjoy some good company. Yes - the time honored tradition of rolling out the paper maps did take place, and we were able to leave one another a little more informed regarding our mutual interests in caves, geology, and archeology.

McCaffrey Falls in the southern Berkshire region

The trip home afforded the opportunity to make a couple quick stops, one being the Colebrook River Lake to check on the water level. Apparently the old town bridge, that had been left behind after the Army Corp project, was finally removed. I got in two photo opportunites just a bit farther north at a roadside waterfall and a giant rock in Sandisfield. The waterfall is apparently the same one depicted on an old postcard as McCaffrey Falls, but nowadays is generally known as Marguerite Falls.

Giant boulder in Sandisfield awaits the Spring