Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring ... and Recon: Part 2

It may be safe to say Spring has finally arrived. For this individual, it now comes the time to get into shape after a prolonged Winter layoff. Although nothing of significance has been taken on as of present, an upcoming vacation (with the cooperation of the weather) should prove a chance to 'dive in' head first. Although it hopefully won't be literally.

The last couple of weeks have finally cleared the lakes of ice so the kayak can be brought out. This is one of my favorite forms of exercise and recreation. As far as the other side of my outdoor pursuits (hiking and possible research) a couple small time items so far. I looked into a hunch that 1880's photograph "Devil's Fish Rock" might lay up at Balance Rock State Park. This did not pan out.

An old postcard of a cascade (presumably small) on the Murray Crane Estate has been investigated a couple times in past years. There is very little for waterways on the old estate, and it seemed to come down to the exit of a roadside pond. That water flows through a culvert to a much lower elevation. But as it exits the pond, it drops into (what is now) a cement encasement leading to the culvert. This seems to be a likely possibility but nothing at this time actually confirms this.

And finally a return to the reconnaissance work started late last year when it was attempted to find out the fate of a small cave in an area of significant housing development. This completed coverage of a large track of land in and around that development without the cave showing itself. I will presume it has been covered over or outright destroyed. Hopefully at some future point, I may be proven wrong.