Sunday, July 8, 2012

Return to old Haunts

Hiding in the foliage: Boulder Cave

Always a treat to return to past areas of explorations. The Rowe Historical Society was having a program on the Hoosac Tunnel. And I had already planned to return there for the purpose of identifying a postcard.

But the day began off the Mohawk Trail a bit farther to the west. Near the borders of Florida and Monroe is a deposit of glacial boulders and within one of these boulders is a small cave formation. Very insignificant as far as size goes, it is more of a home to the porcupines. But on my way out of the area, I traveled a back road new to me. From the car, I saw numerous boulders of gigantic proportion. But with the hot sticky weather, and trying to stick to a time schedule, I settled for marking their location for a future visit.

The next stop was at one of the more glorious vies in western Massachusetts. A stone balcony on Hunt Hill overlooks the Deerfield River and the Valley.

Eventually landing in Rowe, I worked the society members for identification on my postcard image, which is likely from the local Pulpit Rock. The program, which focused on the lining towers used in construction of the Hoosac Tunnel, proved very educational. On the way out of town, I stopped off at Pelham Brook for a quick visit with the old Profile Rock/Stone Face. Not looking too much like it's former self, in recent times.