Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sifting through history

Mary Constance Todd at the 'Gulf Rocks' aka: Wizard's Glen. 1923.
Lucky 7 Cave entrance to the lower left.

Recent projects have involved sifting through enormous amounts of old photographic material. Eventually this will translate into a large amount of field activity. I've been helping out the Granddaughter of Frank DeMars with identification on some of her Granddad's old photographic images. Frank was a prolific photographer and postcard producer, mostly active in northwest Connecticut and southwest Massachusetts.

My own collection has grown with the addition of photographic negatives. First of the Oven Mouth in Norfolk County - circa 1930's. Second are a few glass slides from the travels of Mary Constance Todd and her husband to the East Coast during 1923. I have obtained those of Mary's visited to the "Gulf Rocks" or what is better known as Wizard's Glen which includes Lucky 7 Cave, amongst others.