Sunday, May 11, 2008

I guess we're all feeling the pain of gas prices but I continue to focus on some well planned adventures into far reaching places. BUT a nice day in the woods can be priceless so I took to the Savoy Mountain State Forest - that is until the black flies and allergies were a reminder why May is a tough month for me in the outdoors.

I revisited all three balance rocks located there and previously studied in the past. A local newspaper article from 1956 (as well as a recently secured first edition of the AMC trail guide for Massachusetts [1964]) mentions three in number and two of the rocks are pretty well confirmed. The third is still somewhat up in the air as to it's exact location but the old news article does mention it as being "extremely small" and indeed this "baby sized" balance rock shown to me several years ago by a member of the State Forest staff sure is small at 24 ft in circumference