Monday, August 1, 2011

The Gulf by Lower Cave - 1923

Summer heat is here for the foreseeable future so we work minimally. I'm presently trying to come up with a good method for scanning glass slides and negatives that are beyond the normal size a scanner will handle. Think I may found some success there. This also involves taking me to the nearby Gulf to compare my images from 1923 with present conditions there. Some modern day changes to the landscape may make some identification impossible.

However, a major segment of my vacation time approaches and time to ponder its course. If I am able to return to being on the sea - far from certain - that will play a major force in my decision. If not - well it's the usual land based activities.

A new kayak is being 'broken in' but this will be only for local recreational use. It has already proved it's usefulness with my first ever water tour on parts of Onota Lake. Here the long sought after Pulpit Rock was finally found.

Pulpit Rock @ Onota Lake - early 1900s postcard