Saturday, December 24, 2011

Springside & the Indian Rocks

Natural stone seat at one of the Indian rocks

VERY late into the season, it is often surprising what may lay almost right under your own 'nose'. A local municipal park has a network of trails which include the remnants of a pond that once was a focal point of local activity.

But the trail map for Springside Park mentions something I had not known of previous to this past summer, the mention of 'Indian rocks' at several locations around the perimeter of the pond. I have yet to find how bona fide this 'title' might be - or just some local people having a bit of fun.

At one - the largest - of the Indian rock outcrops, exist a natural stone 'seat' that minus the foliage, can look down upon the old pond. It was here that I was struck with the fact this was a marble outcrop, later to confirm the 'e' unit of Stockbridge Marble.

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