Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mighty Connecticut and ... dinosuars!

Once again, returning to Connecticut, it's namesake river, and author/naturalist Beth L.

Bodkin Rock on the Connecticut River

Another brutally hot afternoon and a trip down the Connecticut River from Middletown to Bodkin Rock where a pegmatite outcrop exists. On the return trip, a journey into a gorgeous place, of quiet retreat, at Pecausett Meadows.

Dinosaur footprints. From a May 15, 1948 photograph

The following day, a very small section of land containing numerous dinosaur prints was visited at Powder Hill, Middlefield. The trip was finished up at Crystal Lake trying to gain access (day camp activities prevented this) to a set of rocks depicted on an old postcard. These are likely what is known locally as Suicide Rock.

The rocks @ Crystal Lake - early 1900's postcard image