Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Late Season

It has been an extraordinary Fall! So it remains to be seen how long the decent weather lasts, and what can be accomplished.

Entrance to Jacob's Cave

After Rhode Island's Mike G. returned home (previous post), I returned to the northern Berkshires. We had failed to locate Jacob's Cave on our quest together, but this time I was successful. It is small resurgence cave in the area of contact between the schist and marble.

Examining one of the rock cairns in the area

On a brisk - but clear - Sunday, it was back into south Berkshire. Here a number of stone cairns were looked at. Also in the immediate vicinity: a small shelter cave and the story of a cave used as a Native American ceremonial site. As darkness began to fall, a drive by of a Indian mound. Some have said certain 'energies' surround this particular site.