Friday, June 15, 2018

In Search of ...Boulders!

Catching up again with 'South County's Finest', Gary L., the purpose of this trip was to hopefully locate Meetinghouse/Town House Rock in northwestern Connecticut We also had information on other boulders, from a town website, and planned a return to Tipping Rock.

It all began with a hiking trip to the top of Haystack Mountain where a pre WPA era stone tower is located. The descent took us past a couple of small quarries that had provided building material for mountain construction projects.

Quarry - and stone tower (background - obscured by trees).

Moving on, we covered several more area sites reported to have boulders, even a "gigantic" boulder, and a reported Sheep Rock. These all yielded absolutely nothing. A search was then started for the 'prime objective': Meetinghouse Rock. Two different sections of the old roadway leading to a long-abandoned town associated with the boulder, but we came up empty-handed. We did visit a splendid erratic recently discovered on a recent trip by Gary and a smaller one I found during the day's search.

A 'stone's throw' to the south (and a moderate walk) brought us back to Tipping Rock. A fine example of this type of phenomena. We first visited this boulder back in the Fall of 2014.