Sunday, August 31, 2008

Returning to an oft explored region from years past, I finished up the search for the "Walking Club Plaque". This commemorative relic, paying homage to it's leader, dates from 1926 and is bolted to an outcrop of rock high in the hills of Hampshire County near its border with Franklin County. Afterwards, a southerly bushwhack brought me to the local Balance Rock - a modest sized (at 34 feet circumference) perched boulder but still a fine specimen of this phenomena. While trying to work some photographic magic amongst the marginal lighting of the day, a woman of some years came up the side of the rocky ridge. From that point on, all the way down the mountain side, an invigorating discussion of area's features and history ensued. Included in there was a brand new cave lead. Many thanks to my new nameless friend! The day was finished up just to the north where I traveled in to the remote Ladder Cave (not visited in nine years) for updated photos and definitive GPS location.

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