Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trying to work things around inclement weather on a vacation week, I took on the Blackstone Region. A slamming day enabled me to make a dent in a lengthy list of projects for this very historic region, some of which I have not seen in years. First on the list is one of Massachusetts' premiere geologic sites at Purgatory Chasm. In the intervening years I had accumulated quite a bit of old photography and postcards on this now State Park. I did not set out to identify every cliff and crevice in my image inventory but a significant amount, nonetheless, was located. I also did an exploration of the first few feet of little known "Damnation Cave" and located the 'lost' "Devil's Stairway". On to the east another town brought me to Town Hall to search out a possible "Dead Man's Cave". Although I was unable to come away with any new information here, I cruised the reported area locating one small, previously unknown, cave. I will work on confirming if this is Dead Man's or not. While in town, I dropped in on Murder's Rock, not seen in many a year, to take photos. On to the north, I revisited another cave that came to light in recent years boasting a whole 23 feet of passage. On to the Upton State Forest and the Mammoth Rock Trail, home to Mammoth Rock - a big glacial erratic. A much more interesting boulder lays farther to the south (and a bit north of Whistling Cave) in an unnamed erratic with a 60 foot circumference and over 12 feet in height. Meanwhile, I returned to the car by way of Whistling Cave, perhaps the most interesting geologic feature in the forest. On the way out of town I made a passing (and unsuccessful) attempt at locating the local stone chamber now property of the historical commission.

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