Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Poet's Seat, Connecticut River Valley

Poet's Seat

This is the year I planned on returning to further my investigations of rock formations within the Connecticut River Valley. Many have past documentation reaching back as far as the 1860's. A new piece of photography from that bygone era surfaced over the winter in "Kendall's Recess". So it meant working my way down the mountainside ledges as I've done many times in past years. I stopped along the way to acquaint myself with new photographic equipment that allows much longer timed shots amongst its many features. Passing by the (likely) sites of "Kitchen and Pantry" and "Cozy Cave", the confirmed locations of "Curve Rock" and the "Grand Porch", I finally ended up at the location for Kendall's Recess. Surprising is, in the old photograph a small cave is present. However it was not the "Recess" but the previously identified location of the Bear's Den. In the end, Kendall's Recess was a nondescript niche in the ledge. Just to the south, I made good use of a long timed photograph to scale on up - and out - onto the Poet's Seat.