Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Grotto, Hampden Co

The Grotto

With another big dose of spring weather (and a new camera with a big learning curve) I took on towns around the southern end of Quabbin Reservoir, on down to the Connecticut State border. First up was to relocate one of those mysterious stone chambers I had visited some years ago and tried to relocate (unsuccessfully) a few years back. This time it went much better, with no foliage, I pushed on through brush and thorny bushes to make my way to the site. A bit farther to the southwest in Town, I hoped to get a look at the "Rock Rimmon" where history records the naming of this rocky eminence (or what they describe as a "boss") in 1854. However, all I obtained was a drive by view as once again the modern housing development has impeded access. One newer home now lies embedded into the side of Rock Rimmon. Pushing on into Hampden County I took a closer look at the Grotto (sometimes listed as the Cave) to see if more might be determined about its own particular origin. Also nearby, another site depicted on postcards from the Gilded Age in the Dell (sometimes called the Glen) a short, rocky, picturesque locale. Still farther south, down by the Connecticut border, I searched out a possible cave mentioned in a real estate listing on some acreage for sale. Not sure what a real estate sales person considers a cave but none was found.