Sunday, June 28, 2009

On an August day in 1853, at a small knoll in Stockbridge, Massachusetts known as Laurel Hill, the Laurel Hill Association was born. Laurel Hill is formed as part of the Dalton Formation, comprised primarily of metaquartzites. The same bedrock unit stretches out to the south where less than a half mile away lies the well known Ice (or Icy) Glen. To the north and east lie namesake units of Stockbridge Marble along with a smattering of marble units within the Walloomsac Schist.

But Laurel Hill has its own stone seat and rostrum (pulpit) and a short, steep hike to its top brings one to a partial view and another magnificent stone seat.

One of the small caves at Bartholomew's Cobble

Down at Bartholomew's Cobble in Sheffield I was warned how ferocious the mosquitoes had become. It was an understatement. The trails were wet - the adjacent Housatonic River full. Several minor caves are located here along with flora unique to the marble/limestone bedrock.

None of these caves appear to be formed by solution although small solution features are present. What is very conspicuous is quartz and indeed a latter check of geologic data reveals this to be a quartz unit within the Stockbridge Marbles.

From the desk of the armchair traveler (how's that for an oxymoron?) an answer to what in heck is the profile at Profile Rock on Buzzards Bay. This was one example that just didn't "cut it". However, a 1892 news article surfaced in cyberspace accenting the profile. The bad news is this rock has been partially buried by sand on a public beach and the section with the facial feature is now covered!