Sunday, June 21, 2009


Father Stan

Father Stan (L) poses at a central Berkshire cave entrance

Oh well - a somewhat belated summer has finally arrived. Heat, humidity, bugs - although the ticks have been roaming about since late winter and are now biting in monstrous proportions. A somewhat strange weather pattern persists that does not give many days a break from some sort of rain.

However around this time of year many, MANY years ago it all began for me. I remember being in the midst of collecting comic books which have become quite the collectible in more recent decades. Issues placing the origin of certain characters ranking high as a collectible. So for the occasional traveler through this site (personal acquaintances know my story well) here is my "origin".

Obviously it begins with parents but beyond the biology was a Father. Stan was a well know cave explorer out of western Massachusetts. A learner to Clay Perry famous for his books on caves in New England and New York. Being the youngest of four children (all sons) I had patiently waited for my own turn to visit the stygian underworld I'd heard so much about.

It all began just to our north in an old marble quarry dating back to the mid 1800's. The sense of excitement at approaching the quarry's edge, and peering down in, will always remain with me. There - a small slot provided entrance to Baker's Quarry Cave. Although I can't say I saw my future flash before me, I definitely knew something special was beginning. More than providing entrance to a natural tunnel thousands of years old, I was gaining entrance to a unique world where geology and history intersected.

Although there is much more to the tale, this makes for a fitting story of one's Father - for Father's Day. So long after his demise, Stan travels with me each and every time I head on out.

Explorer @ Baker's Quarry Cave entrance, Berkshire Co

Another generation waits her turn at the entrance to
Baker's Quarry Cave

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