Saturday, February 12, 2011


The 'Wachusetts Profile' circa just after the Reservoir's completion

A mid winter break took me out to the farthest reaches (from my perspective) of Worcester County for a lecture on the history of the Wachusetts Reservoir. Much has been written regarding the much larger - and later built - Quabbin Reservoir but this is the most comprehensive gathering of information I've seen on Wachusetts.

But since it is a bit of a drive for this individual, I thought I'd try to mix in a little project work along the way. It was met with only moderate success as snow and biting wind turned back attempts at reaching most sites. But one pleasant surprise was a local library within the region between the two great reservoirs. Here the origin of a mysterious postcard "Everett Tomb" was investigated. By the time I left, its story had been partially explored. But being off in the woods, the time for a physical visit will have to wait.

Moving along I tried to get in to Rowlandson Rock and a railroad rock cut that has several postcards of its likeness, including one "Profile Rock", but here's where weather got the better of the situation. Even the local Profile Rock along the main highway was encrusted within an icy robe. Arriving in Town for the lecture I first scouted out their local library where information on a local Tory Cave/Bear's Den was found. The presentation went off without a hitch and I even reconnected with Fred from the local historical society whom I met on a couple occasions in years past. Fred has - and continues to be - a very valuable source of information on the local area.

Lecture finished, it was time to wander north to the Mohawk Trail for the return home to the Berkshires.