Sunday, April 3, 2011

Return to Wachussetts

Cave formation in north-central Worcester County

The weekend start off with a brief jaunt to the central Berkshires. This was to give my cameras a 'test run' after the long winter layoff. It also gave me a chance to look over a rather large boulder mentioned to me by a co worker. Afterwards a drive along the back road confirmed plenty of snow still on the ground as well as sections of rock that looked to be from the mountain looming behind. Final destination was good old Reynolds Rock, a fine photographic test, standing amongst the snow still spitting from the previous day's northeaster that never fully materialized.

Sunday started in earnest as I was out in central Massachusetts as the sun rose. The first destination was way out in Middlesex County - the Boston Antique Photo Show. A couple hours here was enough before moving on to the area in and around the Wachusetts Reservoir. I basically worked the area visited back in February when snow and wind were the order of the day. First sought out was an Indian Rock first visited some years back. It apparently is now a decoration in front of a newer home.

Off in the nearby woods, I worked the story of two Tory Caves. Like many stories of history, there are discrepancies as to location. In the past I looked at one location which was basically a bit of a ledge outcropping. No cave passage of any sort. But I was told a new location might hold more promise. After a walk through the woods, and some intensive searching of ledges and glacial boulders, little was to be found. Possible two overlapping erratics might provide a bit of shelter. I confirmed my observations with two young men I ran into and then looked over a monstrous sized boulder before moving on.

Over on the other side of Wachusetts, I returned to the "Clamshell Cut" which was the site of several old postcards including one dubious "Profile Rock". There have been some minor changes to the walls of this rock cut, including a 'knob' that I imagine once was the nose for this very minor profile feature.

Continuing on , I dropped in at the Rowlandson Rock - or Boulder - site of where Mary Rowlandson was said to have spent her first night in captivity during King Philip's War. From there it was but a brief drive over to examine some rocky cave formations brought to my attention by a local man posting them on his internet photo site.

The day was finished up on a section of the Mid-State Trail where the Everett Tomb is located. Now where did that tomb go? I saw it once a few years back. Ah well - next time. Darkness was moving in and it was time to catch the Mohawk Trail back to the Berkshires