Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rock Heaven

'The Cave': from November 2003

Come early November, a large postcard show is put on each year in Barre, MA. So a chance to not only go ' fishin'g for more antique images, but maybe catch a couple sites out that way. The show did prove to be more successful than usual with a few rare gems coming my way.

Afterwards, a couple sites around Town were hit including 'The Cave' (rare old images of this exist) and its nearby Porcupine Den. The Cave somewhat qualifies for the title of "Victorian Age Attraction" due to it's use way back during that time. A set of initials and dates from 1860 was spotted amongst the rocks. A stop by Indian (Head) Rock provided a splendid view of Mt. Wachusetts and a chance to tidy up the trail that had suffered blow-down in recent times. Along the back roads, the view through leafless trees allowed drive by sightings of many rocky formations including boulders, large rocky outcrops, and a couple 'quasi-cave' formations.