Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is about to officially begin. I've lined up the initial projects. But in recent days Spring does not seem any closer than it was a month ago.

However, starving for some real fresh air and exercise, I made two trips up into the northern region of the Berkshires. One was to locate a beautiful double arch stone bridge and a second to scope out the countryside for marble.

The bridge was successfully located after a bit of searching. One of its sides now being reinforced with a cement surface and (apparently) some metal 'implants'. I'll look this one over more carefully come warmer weather when I can get down into thew river that flows underneath.

The Natural Bridge at North Adams

The marble expedition was successful and some beautiful white marble located. Along the way I dropped in to one of Massachusetts' premiere geologic features: the Natural Bridge on Hudson Brook. Much history to be had as Hawthorne one trekked through the chasm, calling it a 'cave'. Once in my youth I visited with my Father while the site was still in private hands. Present day finds it a State park although at this time of the year it is officially closed so one has to walk in a short distance.