Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring into Spring

The House

The beginning of the vacation season arrived for me with a return to Essex County and Cape Ann. As seems the case in recent years rain played a factor and a good one-third of my time was left useless by heavy rain. Additionally, the conditions for kayaking were very marginal and that played into diminished activities on that front.

However, the first day was superb and that allowed me to make my way to Cape Ann by way of Middlesex County. First up was a quick look at an early lime quarry site. Next: I had in hand an antique photo of a huge boulder mentioning it as being located about a mile north of Long Sought For Pond. This happens to be the location (roughly) of two large erratics I visited in 2007 with the names House and Barn. It is likely the photo was of the Barn, smaller of the two, but not enough is there to make it a more positive ID.

Afterwards, I continued on to finally land in Pigeon Cove for looks at my old favorites along the rocky shoreline. Traveling over to the west side of Cape Ann and Lanes Cove where I inspected the damaged breakwater and rehabilitation project on a fishing shack

Rowe's Tomb

The next day and a half proved to be a complete rain out but by the third day I had mosied on up to the Pigeon Cove area once again for a quick look at the Profile Rock and further photos (sans foliage) of Rowe's Tomb. Working a possible lead on Boiling Spring in the area, I found a couple different areas (both with multiple resurges) that may have been it. But once again nothing matched with an old postcard which really doesn't give too much to go on.

The fourth day brought a much anticipated return to kayaking with an adventure carefully planned to make the best use of limited weather conditions. The trip involved the Fox Creek and part of an old historic canal connecting two major rivers in the area. The Fox led to the Ipswich River, quite close to its mouth, and from there it was on into the Atlantic Ocean for a brief spell. Following, was a quick trip up to Newbury to see Carsey's Rock. There are four or five rock outcroppings surrounded in the salt marshes and I am assuming at this point, Carsey's is the easternmost, and most isolated, of the group.

The trip back to my lodgings found me examining a boyhood hideout of a former Gloucester resident. At the site was a large deposit of glacial boulders with several lean-to type of caves. An unexpected surprise was a small quarry in an adjacent area.

Dick's Dream

The final day found me in a local cemetery where I had heard "geologic formations" existed. It turned out I had passed by this burial site numerous times without realizing what lay secreted farther in the back. Numerous - and some very large - erratics lay amongst the gravestone, often being incorporated into the landscape. Some had plaques another was make part of a man-made stone edging around a burial plot.

A trip to Pools Hill for a quick look at the old hospital ruins followed. Also in the immediate area was a large, quarried erratic and old well. Afterwards I may the trip once again up the rocks of Pigeon Cove but farther that the on my first day. Here I ended up by a blue quartz dike (probable Metoric Stone) and Dick's Dream with the Spouting Rock putting on a decent show. The trip was finished with a quick return to the Profile Rock for photos and to tie the kayak down for the trip home.