Saturday, February 8, 2014

Land of the Lost

Unfortunately - history does get 'lost'. Perhaps one of my fondest goals is to somehow bring that knowledge back to the present day. Let us examine one such case. And perhaps someone out there just might have that lost bit of knowledge.

About ten years ago a set of postcards surfaced. They portray a group of Boy Scouts on a outing. Certain information is written upon the cards including landmarks as Halls Peak, Johnson Mtn, Halls Bee Hive Cave, Hyde Park Mass, the Stony Brook Woods, and the Blue Hills. They also identify themselves as Troop 13 from the Tabernacle Church. Also of interest is the mention of a "doner" [sic] that was presenting the estate to the Hyde Park Boy Scouts.

Certainly all clues would point to a BSA troop from the Boston suburbs. But NO information has ever surfaced on any such troop - or any such land - ever being part of the Boy Scouts.

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