Saturday, August 30, 2014

This & That: Gleanings from the past week.

Entrance to the Rock.

(8/24) Finally! With further information provided, I located a HUGE rock with it's own 'cave'. Located in central Berkshires, it is so large - Google Earth can pick it up! One significant piece fractured, and dislocated, provides an entrance-way and a passage. The ceiling/roof is made up of three different sections of stone fractured from the main boulder, and shifted forward. Great bushwhacking on a muggy, buggy, summer day.

Passage within the Rock.

(8/26) A ten year absence, but a return to another old gem: a small cave in the "Marble Heart of The Berkshires". First an ascent to the overgrown hilltop, from which the cave gets its name. Then a descent down it's side to explore the netherworld. Much of this hill lies in quartzite, but more southern regions are marble. This cave is not far from the proverbial contact zone.

One of two entrances.

(8/29)An accidental encounter with Wikipedia's entry on the Pittsfield Cemetery brought something interesting to light. It claims the largest piece of red granite in the world might be none other than the Allen monument, a 42 foot obelisk within the cemetery. Seeing that the historic old cemetery is an old 'haunt' of mine, I could not resist. Where else can one find themselves surrounded by such artistic pieces of stone. The massive spire was quickly located and photographed amongst an unrelenting onslaught of mosquitoes.

42 feet of red granite.