Thursday, September 4, 2014

Down in Old Hampden.

Another "lead" - another trip! A buddy, from the last several years, clued me in to where a possible cave - or caves - might be found down in central Hampden County. I had several other sites in the area to visit, so they all went together nicely to fill out a day.

A rock outcrop at Goat Rock

The 'caves' proved to be more myth than legend, but nice ledges and a bit of a fine view. Next, I finally got to hike up to Goat Rock in Hampden. The front of the ledge has fractured, and the dislocation of blocks of rock, provided a couple 'caves' - sort of.

Roasting Rock

Down in Town, I visited Roasting Rock, moved some years ago to the local historical society. And on the way out of town, one of those painted rock 'formations': this one of a dog. A quick spin through Monson to check into access for a local point of interest, then off to Ware.

Reservoir Park with rock - early 1900s postcard

Ware is the site located on an old postcard labeled "Rock. Reservoir Park" My hypothesis was it might be Grenville Park. No match was found, but towards the end of my visit, a trail through the park's interior yield a good half dozen, modest sized, erratics.

Then on home to start packing for the next adventure!