Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Tale of Two Days

Two very interesting days: The first saw Gary Leveille, from the Great Barrington Historical Society - and myself, take on two sites in southern Berkshire County. The first was the Bear's Den. One of many cave formations to 'bear' that name. The next stop took us to the Tipping Rock. As an added 'bonus', stops were made at a nearby cemetery whose entrance-way contained a giant erratic. Another local cemetery provided a pastoral setting with gravestones set into the side of two large elevated mounds. These were actually a kame.

Passage within the Bear's Den.

On the next day, I rejoined Gary for a talk at a cemetery in North Egremont. Following a break, we both joined another member of the Great Barring Historical Society: local author Bernard Drew. Bernie provided a program on a tract of conservation land that also contained an old marble quarry and marble sawmill dating back to 1829.

The old Levenworth quarry