Sunday, October 26, 2014

Into the Great South Berkshires

Another journey into the southern regions of The Berkshires. Joining with Gary, from the Great Barrington Historical Society, once again, we journeyed to a far off corner of the aforementioned Town.

Icy Gorge Cave

The Ice Gulch - or Gorge - is a rugged piece of landscape not to be taken lightly. It use to be somewhat remote, as far as access goes, until the 1980's when the present Appalachian Trail location brought it within reach. Nonetheless, climbing through this cliff-lined, craggy formation, strewn with large boulders, is not for the beginning outdoors-man. On this particular day, Gary and myself were content to visit the first couple hundred yards, and peer down beyond into a virtual no man's land of geologic wonder.

The old dam

Glacial boulder with plaque

The remainder of this day proved to be more of a pleasant persuasion. Up the road a ways, we saw a minor karst system with tiny caves and much evidence of underground water activity. And up the road from here was a wonderful old dam and glacial erratic.

Continuing our journey, we dropped in on the local Indian cave, and a park that boasted old mill sites and a small set of falls.

The day was finished up exploring an old mention of a balanced rock being on the back side (west) of Monument Mountain. We did not come up with a solid lead, but within days, Gary and fellow historical society member Bernie, had located a likely site. A beautiful big old boulder but not really worthy of being in the class of balanced rocks.