Friday, November 14, 2014

Flag Rock

This season looks close to winding down. But still nice enough weather to take on another goal: Flag Rock. This prominent outlook lies on the 'back' (west) side of Monument Mountain. The area was also said to hold some interesting geology as well.

Giant talus and cave formation

The trip did not disappoint. Ascending from the south, Gary and myself eventually found ourselves in an expansive ravine, that more and more showed massive blocks of talus. As we closed in on Flag Rock, an area contained three of the largest pierces of talus I have seen in Massachusetts. Indeed, a couple even boasted cave-like formations underneath. Walls of the ravine contained other cave formations and a free standing pinnacle somewhat reminiscent of the Devil's Pulpit over near the Monument Mountain summit.

Finally arriving at Flag Rock, we enjoyed breathtaking views of Housatonic and the mountain ranges beyond. We then began a steep descent only to turnoff to take in an unnamed cave. I had twice visited this geologic curiosity about six years prior.