Thursday, May 7, 2015

Great Barrington

A return to the Southern Berkshires, along with Gary Leveille from the Great Barrington Historical Society. We looked at a couple sites in the Mansfield Pond area including Whale Rock and an unnamed erratic along a local hiking trail. Then a quick drive brought us to Simon's Rock (the school) where its namesake boulder can be found.

Eventually, we made our way up into Housatonic where Gary and Bernie Drew had discovered late last fall the 'balance rock' written up long ago in the local paper. A short, but tough climb, brings one to a very large section of rock (not unusual for Monument Mountain) that is more perched/hanging than balancing. Also in the vicinity is remains of a cement reservoir that probably fed to several local houses.

Housatonic's perched/hanging boulder

The day was finished off by visiting the site of a railroad turntable in the Van Deusenville section of town.