Sunday, April 1, 2018

Across the Wide Connecticut!

From time-to-time over the years, I've mentioned a large-scale project taking place in the mountains across (east) of the Connecticut River. I've also touched upon the fact, it is largely on hiatus due to a lack of information. But every so often, a little bit of something new dribbles in and breaths new life into it! So on Easter Sunday, I began the 'rebirth' of a new season by making that trip.

The general area under examination, are rock-cut terraces and cirques whose erosion have provided some of the most spectacular rock formations across Massachusetts. They were often visited, and fell under the keen eye of a local clergyman and photographer, during the 1860's. On this day, the section once known as 'Home of the Rocks' was the objective. A couple previously unknown antique images were uncovered, and I hoped to continue on with the identification and photographing those sites, along with others already found.

The likely Cozy Cave

The first stop was 'Kitchen and Pantry', (the likely) 'Cozy Cave', followed by the 'Curve Rock', under the 'Rock Shadow' and out into the 'Grand Porch'. The area below the Porch is 'Titan's Pasture', with the immediate area containing several caves formed by frost wedging/gravity assist. Weathering has also left massive rocks that long ago peeled away from the ledges and a few caves might also be found here. Just beyond the Pasture we run into the 'Bear's Den' and 'Kendall's Recess'.

Kendall's Recess: circa 1870. Bear's Den: lower left

After finishing photographic work in this area, it was needed to re-locate (whatever happened to my GPS coordinates?) the Devil's Pulpit and Cave. This colossal block of rock has moved away from the parent ledge but still remains physically connected. However, a cave was formed by the vacated space.

Looking through the Devil's Pulpit Cave

This much climbing on rocks and ledges is probably best suited for a bit younger individual. So after a long half-day, it was time to bid farewell till next time.