Thursday, April 26, 2018


Ah how sweet it is. Success! Several years ago a couple of old postcards (reputed to be the same location) came to my attention. Along with (one of) Great Barrington's finest, we attempted to track down this site. Several failures were encountered along the way until an internet discussion brought valuable clues. So finally with Spring here, we set off with great hopes to finally visit Tramp Rock, possibly known as Weary Willy's Haven of Refuge.

Tramp Rock, as seen in modern days.

Acess proved to be a bit tricky as I had to wade a swift current across a somewhat deep river. But just inside the woods, on the opposite shore, the prize was waiting! A massive glacial boulder surrounded by many other smaller ones. The story here is that it may have been a hobo camp long ago when a nearby railroad line ran through these parts.

Tramp Rock from an early 1900s postcard

An added 'bonus' to the trip were visits to several other nearby sites including Point of Rocks, Cemetery Ledge, and the old Beckley (iron) Furnace.